Videra Health Launches AI Digital Health Companion for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Harnessing the power of text, voice, and video, Videra Health’s new patient chatbot transforms remote care delivery for improved patient outcomes.

Videra Health™, the pioneer in automated video assessments for healthcare providers and payers, announced the release of its highly-advanced, AI-powered digital health companion, Ava. This cutting-edge chatbot combines text, voice and video, prompting dynamic patient conversations to identify urgent concerns and ensure speedy intervention—anytime, anywhere.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the ongoing need for remote care options, and Videra Health’s new AI digital health companion is poised to transform the way healthcare providers and payers deliver care. By integrating multiple communication channels, the tool offers a more personalized and real-time patient monitoring experience, leading to better patient outcomes.

“At Videra Health, our mission is to use technology to improve healthcare outcomes and increase access for all patients,” said Loren Larsen, CEO of Videra Health. “We believe that by allowing patients to be ‘seen’ anytime and anywhere through our new patient monitoring tool, we are taking a significant step towards achieving this mission. Ava is a virtual safety net that allows providers to efficiently check in on their patients’ conditions through dynamic assessments, providing them with the ability to deliver timely and effective care, regardless of their busy schedules.”

Ava, the digital health companion, utilizes large language models and machine learning algorithms to engage patients in dynamic conversations through text, voice and video. This results in a more seamless and effective way of collecting patient information, surpassing the limitations of traditional paper or online surveys. The chatbot tailors its questions in real-time to assist patients and providers in noticing subtle changes sooner than they would have otherwise. This can potentially result in earlier detection of complications that may be developing. As a result, this technology enables healthcare providers to reach a wider population across different care settings, enhancing patient compliance, awareness, and involvement in their own care.

The technology can be seamlessly integrated with care management clinical workflows, enabling prompt escalation to in-person clinical care if a patient’s responses indicate a potentially serious issue, generally directing the patient to connect with their provider. “Red alert” responses and high assessment scores trigger an immediate call from a care navigator or, in some cases, instructions to call the suicide and crisis lifeline at 988 or go to the nearest emergency department.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new digital health companion known as Ava, which takes our video assessments to the next level,” says Dr. Brett Talbot, CCO of Videra Health. “The chats are personalized to each individual and aim to enhance the interactions between patients and their providers while also making it easier to gather crucial data. This allows for early detection of potential health issues and more proactive intervention, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.”

With the introduction of its AI digital health companion, Videra Health sets a new standard for healthcare engagements, allowing patients to respond in a manner that is convenient for them.


About Videra Health™

Videra Health is an automated, AI-driven, multimodal assessment platform that empowers providers and health care organizations to proactively identify, triage, and monitor at-risk patients. The FDA-registered digital platform connects providers and patients anytime, anywhere between visits and post-discharge via written and video assessments that translate into actionable quantitative and qualitative patient data. With a mission to elevate the standard of healthcare, streamline diagnoses, enhance care accessibility, optimize workflow, and drive down costs, Videra Health sets the stage for transformative healthcare advancements.

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