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Evaluate and Monitor

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Leverage cutting-edge video and AI technology to screen, assess, and monitor patients at scale throughout all phases of your clinical trials. Get frequent, sophisticated patient data in any trial setting, captured from almost any device and both on site or in a decentralized setting.





Partner With Videra Health

Proactively Assess and Monitor

Collaborate with us to actively evaluate and supervise participants in clinical trials, diminishing the occurrence of adverse events and boosting the effectiveness of your offerings. By utilizing AI and video technology, our platform enriches data gathering, fosters participant engagement, and supports scalable remote patient monitoring. This enhances patient recruitment outcomes, bolsters patient adherence and engagement, and facilitates more informed, data-driven decisions for superior results. Moreover, our straightforward eCOA/ePRO solutions deter site and coordinator attrition, cutting costs and maintaining patient retention during post-market studies.


Patient Identification in the Post-Market Using AI-Driven Solutions

Discover how Videra Health’s measurement-based care solutions can help pharmaceutical and life sciences companies seamlessly identify patients, assess, monitor, and promptly intervene—make a lasting impact on patient outcomes while reducing costs


Identify under-treated patients and proactively connect with patients prior to trial, during and post-trial to ensure compliance


Assess patient status to prevent adverse events and identify escalating risks


Automate engagement when risk is detected


Reduce care costs while improving patient and trial outcomes

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Intelligent Patient Assessment and Monitoring

Understanding the nuances of each member’s situation is critical. That’s why Videra Health prioritizes advanced patient assessment and monitoring capabilities. Here’s how we make a difference


Patient Recruitment

Identify ideal candidates for post-market trials, cutting down on recruitment time and expenses by targeting specific criteria like demographics and medical history.


Real-Time Monitoring

Utilizing advanced video analytics, our platform provides continuous monitoring of patients, allowing for early detection of potential treatment concerns.


Proactive Interventions

Intervene earlier, with real-time alerts, improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of adverse events.

Patient Empowerment

Engage patients in their care process with tools that encourage active participation in their treatment journey.


Outcome Focused

Drive enhanced data driven decision making leading to faster time-to-market and improved drug development.

Why Choose Videra Health?

Integrate into your existing clinical workflow, regardless of your organization’s size or EHR and/or PMS system.

Scale Engagement

Streamline engagement at scale, enhanced assessment precision, save time—and adhere to treatment protocols while reducing dropout rates.

Data-Driven Insights

Harness the power of AI-assisted video and data analytics to uncover deeper insights into patient behaviors and mental health conditions.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from our U.S. based dedicated team ready to provide the support and training needed to fully leverage our platform.

Secure and Compliant

Our top priority is making sure that your data is secure and compliant. Our solutions are HIPAA compliant and certified secure with a SOC 2 Type II certification.

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