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1. Provider needs to add you to the platform

Videra Health is a mobile tool to help you provide valuable information to your care provider. To start, your care provider will need to add you to the Videra Health platform (you cannot add yourself). Once added, you will receive an email with a link to download the mobile app!

2. Download mobile app

Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you will be ready to complete programs and sessions once they are assigned to you by your care provider (you cannot assign programs to yourself). A program is designed by your care provider and is made up of different sessions. A session is a series of questions that help assess your current progress toward wellness. Questions can vary from multiple-choice to video questions. Each question is designed to help your care provider know how they can best help you.

3. Check in

Once your care provider has assigned a program and/or session to you, you will receive an invitation email and/or text message to complete the session by clicking on the link in the email or text message.

4. Accept forms

The first time you open the mobile app, you will be prompted to accept several forms that are focused on protecting your information and respecting your privacy. Each form can be accessed by clicking on the name of the form. Please read and understand each form before accepting.

Click the box next to each form, and then click ‘I accept’ to continue. If you choose to ‘Decline,’ you will not be able to proceed. Contact your care provider with any questions or concerns.

5. Begin session

Once you click on the link in the invitation, the mobile app will open with your session code. If your session code does not auto-populate, you can copy/paste the session code from the invitation.

Clicking ‘Continue’ will begin your session. Some questions require a minimum and maximum time spent on the question.

A blue bar near the bottom of the screen shows your progress.

6. Video questions

Some sessions include video questions. You will have 10 seconds to read the question and prepare before the app begins to record. You may manually start recording by pressing the record button. Please ensure that you are in a quiet environment with good lighting when recording video answers.

7. Upload answers

Once you complete your session, the mobile app will upload your answers for your care provider to view. Please keep the app open while it completes the upload. Your care provider will not be able to view your answers if you close the app before the progress bar is 100% complete.

8. Complete

You will know your session has been successfully completed when you see the ‘Congratulations’ screen.

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