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Advanced AI for Your Business

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Harness the full potential of advanced AI assessment technologies. Our cutting-edge solutions have the power to transform your business and drive it towards unprecedented levels of success





Built to Facilitate Custom Use Cases

Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs: Videra Health offers a solution designed to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you need automated assessments or protocols, our platform has the capabilities to facilitate and improve them. Through a combination of standardized assessments, video-based inquiries, and personalized survey-building tools, Videra provides unmatched flexibility to accommodate any use case.

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Efficient and Productive Solutions

Videra Health’s cutting-edge solutions offer a significant advantage to businesses by enhancing efficiency and productivity. Through automation and process optimization, our AI-driven models analyze data, unearth insights, and offer valuable recommendations, freeing up your team’s time to focus on strategic initiatives. With Videra Health, experience a significant boost in your organization’s overall performance and increase your competitive edge.

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Proactive Support for Mental Wellbeing

Don’t let mental health concerns go unnoticed. Videra Health’s AI-powered solution goes beyond traditional assessments, identifying those at-risk before symptoms escalate.

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Empowering Recovery from Addiction

Help individuals with substance use disorder stay on the path to recovery. Videra Health’s AI-powered platform provides continuous support, minimizing the risk of relapse and readmission.
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Uncovering Potential Tardive Dyskinesia

Videra Health offers a free, confidential screening tool for tardive dyskinesia (TD). Our AI-powered video assessment is quick and easy to use, helping patients identify potential signs of TD from the comfort of their home.

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