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Clinical Trials

Our solution streamlines patient recruitment, data collection, and remote monitoring, all while improving patient engagement, compliance, and risk prediction capabilities.

Rich Data

Improve Compliance

Enhance Adherence

Reduce Burden

The Challenge

Unique Challenges in Every Trial Phase

All phases of a clinical trial, regardless of the specific drug in development face these challenges.


The Videra Health Solution

Empowering Patients, Advancing Research

We believe in fostering a patient-centric approach to clinical trials. Our innovative platform leverages the power of AI to enhance patient engagement, streamline data collection, and improve safety monitoring, ultimately accelerating research progress and delivering better trial outcomes.

AI-Powered Patient Monitoring

Leverage real-time video, text, and audio assessments to remotely monitor patients and detect subtle changes in health and behavior. Gain valuable insights into treatment effectiveness and potential side effects, enabling proactive intervention and improved patient safety.

Better Trial Experience for Patient and Clinician

Foster patient engagement and empower informed decision-making through both patient and clinician friendly eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) services.

Streamlined Side Effect Tracking

Utilize AI-powered analysis to proactively identify and track potential side effects reported through video, text, and audio data. This enables researchers to ensure patient safety and make informed decisions about treatment protocols.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Gain valuable insights from your data to optimize study design, improve trial efficiency, and accelerate research progress.


Simplify data collection with our AI-Powered eCOA solution

Traditional eCOA, ePRO  (electronic patient reported outcomes) and ClinRO (electronic Clinician Reported Outcomes) methods can be cumbersome for patients and time-consuming for researchers. Videra Health offers an innovative solution that leverages AI-powered video, text, and audio assessments to:

Simplify Patient Participation

Engage patients through intuitive and interactive tools, reducing the burden of data entry and improving compliance.

Enhance Data Quality & Accuracy

Capture richer data through diverse formats, including video, text, and audio, providing a more comprehensive picture of patient experiences and health outcomes.

Enable Real-Time Insights

Gain immediate access to analyzed data and insights for informed decision-making throughout the trial process.

Improve Data Standardization

Leverage standardized assessments and AI analysis to ensure consistent and objective data collection across the study population.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Automate data collection and analysis, freeing site managers and administrators from unnecessary tedious tasks and allowing sponsors to focus on results.

Videra Health’s AI platform empowers you to:


Comprehensive Solutions For

Behavioral and Mental Health


Streamlining Intake and Discharge Process

Enhance patient care with Videra Health’s AI-powered platform for more effective intake and discharge management.

Psychologist working with African-American couple

Proactive Support for Mental Well-Being

Don’t let mental health concerns go unnoticed. Videra Health’s AI-powered solution goes beyond traditional assessments, identifying those at-risk before symptoms escalate.

addiction support group celebrating

Empowering Recovery from Addiction

Help individuals with substance abuse disorder stay on the path to recovery. Videra Health’s AI-powered platform provides continuous support, minimizing the risk of relapse and readmission.

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