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Empowering Providers For

Care Management

Elevate your chronic care management with our advanced AI platform that streamlines the identification of potential risk factors and improves early detection. With automated engagement and risk stratification, our platform empowers you to optimize your resources while providing care at scale.





The Challenge

Keeping Patients Healthy While Controlling Costs

Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and depression are a significant burden on healthcare systems worldwide. Chronic care management (CCM) programs aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by providing ongoing support and monitoring.

Here are some of the challenges:

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The Videra Health Solution

Helping You Scale Proactive Care Management

Discover a more proactive approach to chronic care management with Videra Health’s cutting-edge AI technology. Our video assessment solution automates screenings, assessments, and monitoring for various chronic health conditions, allowing for better risk identification and treatment outcomes. With the patient’s own words capturing their experience, Videra provides comprehensive care management at scale.


Minimize Risk. Impact at Scale.

Proactively minimize patient risk and enhance your care management programs at scale supporting value-based care. Our measurement-based care platform enables you to quantify, track, and improve patient impact using rigorous video evaluations and continuous monitoring.


Maximize ROI

Chronic care management can be a costly but necessary aspect of healthcare. With our AI video assessment solution, you can optimize for ROI by utilizing data-driven adjustments, enhanced program targeting, and improved operational efficiency.

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Exceed Quality Goals

As healthcare providers strive to meet stringent quality measures, managing chronic conditions can be a daunting task. But with our AI-powered video assessment solution, achieving 7-day, 10-day, and 30/60/90-day follow-up measures to reduce readmissions is now within reach. Say goodbye to intensive staff follow-up and hello to improved patient outcomes.


Common Use Cases

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Seamless Integration

Videra Health integrates with third-party EHR and population health management solutions to deliver an integrated solution for your CCM needs.    

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Addressing Diverse Needs For

Behavioral and Mental Health


Proactive Support for Mental Wellbeing

Don’t let mental health concerns go unnoticed. Videra Health’s AI-powered solution goes beyond traditional assessments, identifying those at-risk before symptoms escalate.

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Proactive Support for Maternal Mental Wellbeing

Don’t let maternal mental health concerns go unnoticed. Videra Health’s AI-powered solution goes beyond traditional assessments, identifying at-risk moms and dads before symptoms can escalate.

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Uncovering Potential Tardive Dyskinesia

Videra Health offers a free, confidential screening tool for tardive dyskinesia (TD). Our AI-powered video assessment is quick and easy to use, helping patients identify potential signs of TD from the comfort of their home.

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