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Empowering Providers For

Behavioral Health

Videra Health is the leading advanced AI platform for automating the identification of escalating behavioral health risk and behavioral health-related measurement-based care — enhancing early detection, risk stratification, and automated engagement.



Identifies risk


The Challenge

Addiction and Mental Health Crisis in the U.S.

This underscores the urgent need for enhanced support systems and resources to address the complex issues of mental and behavioral health.

The journey toward healing and stability is fraught with obstacles:

0 %

of the U.S. population lives in a mental health shortage area


months or longer is average of mental health wait time


days national wait time to see primary care physician

0 %

of psychologists have no openings for new patients

0 %

of patients seeking emergency care have repeat visit within 6 months

0 %

no-show rates in current system, so patients not receiving care they need

The Videra Health Solution

Proactive Engagement Elevates Care

Advanced AI allows the patient to speak in their own words via text, chat, audio, or video. Videra automates screenings, assessments, check-ins and monitoring for a myriad of behavioral health conditions.


Minimize Patient Risk

Improve patient outcomes and reduce risks using our automated monitoring solution. It supports value-based care by offering real-time insights and early risk detection, allowing teams to swiftly identify and address patients at-risk. Our solution enhances timely interventions, ensuring ongoing patient care and minimizing relapses and readmissions.


Optimize Utilization and Care Access

Research shows that psychosocial interventions reduce utilization and increases outpatient care participation. Scale individual interventions to aid patients with mental health conditions, enhancing health outcomes and cutting overall care costs.

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Exceed Quality Goals

Meet and exceed strict quality standards and strategic measures, including SAMHSA requirements and follow-up measures for 7-day, 10-day, and 30/60/90-day periods to minimize relapse and readmission rates. Foster proactive prevention of adverse events and ensuring continuous care through actionable insights.


Reduce No-Shows

Foster regular communication between patients and care teams, significantly reducing no-show rates, ensuring that patients continue to receive the care they need.

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Addressing Diverse Needs For

Behavioral and Mental Health

black couple holding their infant

Proactive Support for Maternal Mental Wellbeing

Don’t let maternal mental health concerns go unnoticed. Videra Health’s AI-powered solution goes beyond traditional assessments, identifying at-risk moms and dads before symptoms can escalate.

addiction support group celebrating

Empowering Recovery from Addiction

Help individuals with substance use disorder stay on the path to recovery. Videra Health’s AI-powered platform provides continuous support, minimizing the risk of relapse and readmission.


Streamlining Intake and Discharge Process

Enhance patient care with Videra Health’s AI-powered platform for more effective intake and discharge management.

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