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At Videra Health, we all come to work every day because we want to address one of the biggest things doctors are still missing in healthcare. You. Healthcare providers often track vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, etc. But what’s missing? YOU ARE! Everything beyond vital signs that makes you, well…you. Your voice, your emotions, your movement over days, weeks, and months. The richness of the whole you can drive insight into your relationship with your providers, medications, and treatment programs. Roughly 70% of symptoms of treatment reactions are “observed,” and not from vital signs! But doctors, nurses, and providers are crushed by high patient loads and paperwork, not leaving much time to get to know you and see the whole you. “Videra” stems from the Latin root “to see.” We help providers “see” more of who you are and how you are progressing in between office visits.

Co-founded by internationally recognized healthcare and video-analytic experts, the Videra Health platform and mobile app allows patients to remotely (i.e. check-in from anywhere) and asynchronously (i.e. check-in at any time) check-in and engage with their providers with video-based survey questions and assessments. Our meaningful artificial intelligence and video-analytics tracks progress and flags changes in symptoms and notifies providers. These shorter and more frequent check-ins (between traditional in-office visits) help your care team know the whole you, generate better data for treatment planning, and drive better outcomes.



No one should feel alone in their personal care journey



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