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PSQH-In between appointments
Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (PSQH): The Importance of Between-Visits Appointments and Mental Health

In a recent feature for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare (PSQH), our CEO Loren Larsen highlighted the significance of in-between appointments and their impact on mental health.

The US faces a mental health crisis with surging demand and limited access to care. Traditional models struggle with long wait times and a lack of monitoring between appointments.

This article explores how telehealth and AI can bridge the gap:

  • Remote video appointments: Increased accessibility and reduced no-shows.
  • Patient-recorded videos: Capture mental health episodes and track progress.
  • AI analysis: Analyze video/audio to identify urgent cases and prioritize care.

This hybrid clinician/AI approach has the potential to:

  • Reduce strain on mental healthcare systems.
  • Meet patient needs more effectively between appointments.
  • Offer earlier intervention and improved outcomes.

Read the full article here

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