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Videra Health
Videra Health Announces $3 Million in Seed Funding

Videra Health, the remote patient monitoring video platform for behavioral health, today announced $3 million in seed funding to address the dearth of patient-provider engagement in-between appointments. The round is led by Peterson Ventures, with participation from Rose Park Advisors and OATV. Videra Health hosts thousands of patient engagements every month for behavioral health providers nationwide to power more personalized, more effective care.

“Even before Covid, behavioral health was woefully underfunded and understaffed. As the mental health crisis mounts, more and more patients need to be seen by our current providers. It is critical to equip providers with a scalable way to gain insights about patients both at and between appointments, the latter of which is traditionally a black box to providers,” says Loren Larsen, founder and CEO of Videra Health. “Our asynchronous telehealth platform opens this black box, giving behavioral health specialists easy-to-access, actionable patient data, so they have deeper insights about patients across the continuum of care. ”

Videra Health’s growth and funding come at a critical time. An overwhelming majority, 91 percent, of providers believe remote patient monitoring and post-discharge surveys are essential. Meanwhile, 86 percent of patients are interested in more engagement between appointments. Videra Health customers report gathering more and higher quality patient data to fuel better care interactions and interventions, even while saving approximately 88 percent of staff time.

“We believe that AI will play an increasingly important role in the future of healthcare,” says Ben Capell, Managing Director with Peterson Ventures. “The Videra Health team is using AI to enable providers to close the widening gap in engagement between patient visits. Their mission and their platform is already positively impacting the behavioral health category, and has the potential to reach more broadly in the years ahead as patient-centered care paradigms take hold.”

Videra Health is an FDA-registered digital platform that connects providers and patients anytime, anywhere between visits and post-discharge. Patients are invited to check in with their provider by answering traditional healthcare assessments questions as well as answering on video The platform then extracts both quantitative and qualitative patient data and organizes and analyzes that data quickly to assist with clinical decision making. Videra truly allows providers to see the right patient at the right time.

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About Videra Health

Videra Health is the remote patient monitoring video platform for behavioral health, powering rich interactions between patients and providers to open wide the “black box” of patient information that gets lost between visits. The FDA-registered digital platform connects providers and patients anytime, anywhere between visits and post-discharge via written and video assessments that translate into actionable quantitative and qualitative patient data. Based in Utah, the company is led by internationally-recognized healthcare and video-analytic experts and is backed by investors such as Peterson Ventures, Rose Park Advisors and OATV. Find out more at

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