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See People Differently

Proactively engage patients anytime, anywhere with our AI-powered patient assessment and monitoring solution. Providers and payors save time and resources while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

With Videra Health, proactive care drives measurable results

See People Differently

Proactively engage patients anytime, anywhere with our AI-powered patient assessment and monitoring solution. Providers and payers save time and resources while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

With Videra Health, proactive care drives measurable results




Unlock the Full Potential of Patient Feedback

Welcome to the next generation of patient care — powered by video, text and audio.

AI-driven, measurement-based care platform for patient assessment and monitoring that transforms how you interact and track your patient’s journey illuminating the hidden depths of patient behavior and outcomes.

Empower your healthcare strategies by detecting at-risk patients, make impactful decisions, and measure results like never before.

Analyzes facial expressions and movement
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Analyzes voice patterns
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Transforming Conversations into Insights

Without additional staff or clinical resources, Videra Health’s automated measurement-based care platform administers standard and custom assessments for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use, and many other behavioral health conditions.

Digital Assessment Platform

With the latest in artificial intelligence technology, our AI-driven assessment tool can analyze facial expressions, voice tone, and word choice to accurately screen, identify and monitor at-risk patients.

Via™ Digital Health Companion

Elevate your healthcare experience with our dynamic chatbot, Via. Using a combination of video, audio, and text communication on any device, Via provides personalized dynamic responses based on patient answers. 

Why Videra Health

Your pathway to enhanced care delivery

Videra Health ensures that individuals can articulate their symptoms effortlessly. This collection of insights allow health providers to customize treatment plans more effectively, thereby optimizing patient care efficiency.

Laptop showing Videra software features

Minimize Care Friction

Reduce friction in the patient journey, enhancing the overall experience and reducing the need for escalated levels of care.

Optimize Patient Journeys

Leverage proactive intervention and precise outcome tracking to foster significant improvements in patient well-being.

Data-Driven Precision

Utilize video, text, and audio assessments within our advanced platform to analyze patient-reported symptoms.

Boost Financial and Clinical Outcomes

Streamline healthcare operations to elevate both the clinical and financial yield.

Discover Videra Health’s Cutting-Edge Platform

Unlock the potential to elevate your organization’s care delivery with our intuitive platform, bringing comprehensive video, text, and audio assessments directly to your patients. This enables a more personalized patient assessment, paving the way for tailor-made treatment strategies that ensure faster and more lasting recoveries.


Empower More Patients with Essential Care

Efficiently manage your patient load by identifying those ready to transition to a lower level of care or successfully complete their treatment journey, making room to accommodate new individuals on your waiting list. In scenarios where expanding clinical staff is not feasible, maintaining a close watch on your existing patients’ progress is vital.

Achieve Superior Behavioral Health Results

Active patient participation is at the heart of improved health outcomes. By equipping your clinicians with real-time insights into each patient’s progress, Videra Health ensures a more engaged, informed, and personalized care journey, culminating in faster and more sustainable recovery rates.

behavioral health results showing on laptop

Immediate Response to Suicidal Ideations

Videra Health’s advanced alert system detects suicidal ideation in video, text, and audio content, differentiating between real threats and benign expressions. This provides pertinent alarms for timely intervention, allowing organizations to proactively address and support at-risk patients without being overwhelmed by false alarms.


Prevent Care Escalation

Strengthen your ability to prevent crisis by identifying escalating BH conditions with Videra Health’s automated, AI-driven approach to checking in on a patient. Our platform empowers care teams with tangible, actionable insights to identify that patient who needs intervention or additional levels of care due to a material change in their BH acuity level. By finding those patients who would otherwise go undetected, patients can have better outcomes and avoid more adverse events including emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

distressed black guy on telehealth session

See How Videra Health Can Transform Your Organization

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for comprehensive, compassionate, and adaptive services has never been higher. At the forefront of this transformative wave are the dedicated professionals tirelessly working to improve lives—physicians, mental health professionals, behavioral health experts, payers, pharmaceutical and much more.


Transform patient care with AI

Our outcome-based solutions ensure superior health outcomes, empowering providers to deliver data-informed, patient-centric care without the administrative burden.

Payors & ACOs

Optimize healthcare management efficiently

We offer payers streamlined risk adjustment, significant cost reduction, enhanced member outcomes, and actionable data-driven insights.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Accelerate Innovation with AI-Driven Insights

Gain in-depth post-FDA clinical trial data, insightful patient adherence metrics, and foster innovative product development with precise patient assessments.

Videra Results

The Value of Videra

“Videra has alleviated a lot of strain on our staff, and we are more efficiently, effectively using our clinicians. A former patient in our mental health division said I physically wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t called me.

It doesn’t get more powerful than that.”

Dr. Rachel Wood, Discovery Behavioral Health

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